Getting Your Kids to Bed

Parents often struggle with getting their children to go to bed. Children seem to never want to go to bed. It’s as if they fear they’ll miss something while they sleep. However, a child’s bedtime is very important to the child’s development and can be a very important time to a parent. This is the time you take to complete an unfinished task or to just unwind and relax your mind with Here are a couple of ways to get your kids to go to bed and capture those much needed moments to yourself before you go to bed.

#1 Make bedtime fun

Children love to have fun. Fun has proven to be the best way to trick them into doing what they otherwise would not do. Children learn through fun songs and games and behave when you make things fun. Ways to make bedtime fun for your child might include a bedtime song and dance, story time, or bedtime races which include all things on the checklist of what to do before bed. (ex. clean their room, take a shower, brush their teach, put on their pajamas.) Making bedtime fun will encourage them to follow through with actually going to bed.

#2 Establish a routine

Everyone needs a routine. They will get use to their routine and follow through with it. Furthermore, their internal clock will adjust to their routine bedtime and tell their little bodies that it’s time to go to bed. Establishing a routine ensures they get the proper amount of sleep which is so important to both their physical and mental development. Decide what works best with your schedule and when they need to wake up and hold fast to your child’s bedtime and bedtime routine. Establishing a routine will definitely make going to bed a lot easier for your child.

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