6 Crystal Bead Bracelets for positive energy and happiness

In today’s technological world, everyone has turned into a workaholic who wants to earn money to buy materialistic happiness. We often search for happiness and peace of mind, by validation through social media and word of mouth. However, little did we know that the happiness and the positive vibrations that we want to create around us, depends on our inner self.

For centuries now, Millenials have leaned towards the use of crystals and jewels to enhance their positive vibrations and also to increase the happiness in their lives. Suppose you’re on the outlook of joy and looking forward to bring positive changes in your life from within. In that case, this article mentions the use of 6 crystals that you can wear in the form of bracelets, that will improve the sense of positive energy nan happiness. Check them out!


Ranging from light violet to vibrant purple, IT IS AVAILABLE IN so many different colours. Amethyst is also called the “ All-purpose stone” because they help in reducing insomnia, mood swings and increases immunity. If you’re facing confusion in taking essential decisions in your life, then it is the right stone for you. It is also called “Traveller’s stone” because it protects while you’re travelling.



They are blue coloured stones that are known for putting people at ease. In ancient times, these stones were regarded as the lucky charm for people undergoing difficulty in life. Hence the stone is also popularly called the “master Healer”. The healing properties of the stone are enhanced, especially when they’re received as a gift from someone.

Rose Quartz

It is mainly influential in providing and enhancing healthy relationships. This rose coloured stone is primarily related to emotions and issues concerned with the heart. It allows us to feel and nurture love, compassion and beauty. It is especially recommended for people who have dealt with some harsh emotions in love and relationships and also for the ones with a broken heart.

Rose Quartz


Quartz is a transparent crystal or stone that symbolizes purity which is directly associated with your mind. The stone is made up of silica which, when touches the skin, enhances the energy and gives optimal results in terms of healing and health. Ancient civilizations we used to war this stone, especially when they had to clear their mind and heal themselves from troubles or trauma. The purity of the stone removes all negativity.

Lapis Lazuli

This is a beautiful looking stone that contains a celestial blue colour to ut and is used by people who wish to have a cohesive body and mind balance. It mainly helps in strengthing your career, work-life and build a strong and successful life.It is called the “Stone fo a king” because it gives your royal sense of wisdom and grace.It gives you confidence and also allows you to face any obstacles in life. Anyone suffering from social anxiety or lack of confidence can use this.

Lapis Lazuli

Tiger eye

It is similar to the previous stone that helps in beaming out the positive rays of confidence and self esteems. This stone basically helps in shrugging off all the negativity that can affect your thought process and hinder your performance.

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