Are they Safe?

Are they Safe?

Children playing

I’m at the market and I’m considering a bunk bed for my kids. I believe that no matter how good something is, the safety of my children comes first. I’m certain that bunk beds are a suitable answer for families with many kids and a limited space for beds. Bunk beds save space and also make the room that is small to appear big.

But cautious parents are always concerned about the safety of their kids. What happens if the child falls down the bed? Can she sustain injuries? Are these injuries common? Do those risks exceed all benefits and features? Allow me to answer these questions through what I found out.

Bunk bed injuries and facts

In the United States, there are several bunk beds-associated injuries each year. On average, there is nearly over 36,000 yearly. It is said that these things can be prevented. Due to the height linked with loft levels, such injuries are usually more severe than when a similar kind of injury takes place on a standard furniture item that is lower to the ground.

Many injuries occur from dropping off of the upper while sleeping or playing. Although it may appear like a bruise, it is among the top kind of injury nursed. Actually, cuts are very common, mostly on the neck and head area.

Parents may get comfort in the fact that the injuries are mostly as a result of how toddlers utilize and act while on the high beds.

A little moment of parental supervision and some training many assists to ensure that the room of your child is a secure haven for slumber. Instead of waiting for an accident to happen.

Bunk bed security ideas

Utilize guardrails

Bed Guardrails

Guardrails will assist to avoid unintentional falls that might take place as a result of tossing off the end of the bed. At least, there need to be guard posts on the upper level with just one hole for getting out and into the bed. Also, they need to stretch not less than five inches over the upper part of the mattress. Apart from that, the opening’s widths need to be fifteen inches across or less.

Traditional models were not made to the same specs as the current ones. Therefore, in case you purchase one, you need to be more careful in assessing safety. Apart from the guardrail presence, check to ensure that the space within the rails is not over three inches. This is a security action against strangulation.

Check the foundation of the mattress

The base of the formation ought to be firm and sturdy. In case you exert pressure on it and pull it, it must not feel wobbly, weak, or differently unstable.

Furthermore, ensure that the mattress size is suitable for the base. For instance, avoid sizing down or up since this might make rolling off easy or getting stuck simple.

In case you have kids below six years old, they shouldn’t be permitted to slumber on the upper area. This is because over half of those who sustained injuries are below the age of five. It is an automated rule.

Giving their Bedroom a New Look

Giving their Bedroom a New Look

I want to decorate the room for my kids. They have been complaining to me that it does not look nice. I want to find bunk beds to add to the room to make it complete. It feels good to see your kids happy especially when they love their bedrooms. Bunk beds are a good solution especially for parents who have growing kids. They are economical and they maximize slumbering places so that the kids can have adequate space for their activities. I’m looking to enjoy these benefits and that is why I need them. Join me as I review some of my preferred once.

Caribou Solid Twin Bunk Bed by Storkcraft

Storkcraft Caribou Twin

This is one of my favorite bed, thanks to quality materials that make it. The bed is made from rubberwood which is studier, denser, and long-lasting than pine wood. The best thing about this bed is that you can configure it to two separate double beds for optimum versatility. This means your kids will use this bed for many years and even pass to their kids.

The bed is stylish and can fit the regular sized double mattresses. However, you will buy them separately. It is one of the best bunk beds. Apart from that, it has a strong stairway and guardrails that offer maximum safety. This a full bedroom solution for every parent.


  • The bed is durable
  • It is strong
  • You can configure it to have two beds making it a good option. This is if you have kids who have the fear of climbing up things
  • The materials that make this bed are of quality
  • It is safe for the children thanks to the sturdy ladder
  • The bed can fit any standard sized twin mattress.
  • This bed is easy to assemble
  • It has an attractive finish


  • Some users said that this bed is made up of cheap wood

Premium twin-over-full from Your Zone

Premium twin-over-full from Your Zone

Are you looking for a bed that you can easily assemble without calling the entire family to come and help you? If your answer is yes, this is the bed for you. It features a sturdy and solid metal structure with a front secured ladder. This ensures that the kids can securely climb to the top without getting hurt or worrying about them falling down. If you have boys don’t worry. This bed is ideal for both boys and girls. The upper bunk features safety rails that guarantee the safety of your child and make it easy for them to reach the upper bunk. It comes with a clean design for a personalized look.  The metal slat support mechanism helps to ensure that this bed is a safe zone for the kids while they are sleeping or playing in their room. If this is not what you want, you can always buy the best loft beds from the market.


  • It is effortless to access the upper bunk
  • The bed is safe for children
  • It is suitable for both boys and girls
  • Assembly of this bed is easy
  • It has an attractive look
  • The bed is durable and strong
  • You don’t need additional foundation


  • I found out that screws do not remain tight.

Twin-Over-Full Space-Saving Design Bunk Bed from DHP

Twin-Over-Full Space-Saving Design from DHP

If you have a small room and want a bed that will help you save space, choosing this one will not be wrong. It is one of the beds you will love having around. The bed features a sleek saving design that has the ability to accommodate one double mattress and one full mattress.  It also has a duo metal mounting that is durable and strong. The frame helps to offer decent seating help and comfort. This bed weighs 200 lb which is standard.


  • Assembly of the bed is easy
  • The bed is durable and the metal frame is strong
  • It is safe for your children even when they play around
  • It saves space
  • Handling this bunk bed is stress-free
  • It has a stunning design
  • It comes in different sizes and shapes to match your style


  • One thing I disliked about this bed is that soldering was not done right


Bunk beds are the way to go if you have several kids and have small space. They will not only help you to save space but they will allow your kids to enjoy staying in one room but all in different beds.

Make them Useful

Make them Useful

I’m going to collect some old bunk beds from my friend’s house. Since I am a designer, I can draw some inspiration from them. While children may stop using the bunk beds, the beds might not be old. The lower and upper area without or with the mattress may work as new areas for resting or organization.

In accordance with your needs or wants, change the double slumbering area into something suitable for any space in the home. Here are some of the things you can do with bunk beds.

Storage location

Bedroom picture

In an edge of a spare space or family area, your old bunk bed can be the room for storage. Keep boxed Christmas adornments and the tree, sporting equipment, seasonal clothing on the huge pallets free shelves. In case your new storage shelves have easily relaxed braces, cover them using long-lasting a half inch plywood to make a steady base.

Ensure the shelving unit mixes in and conceal its contents. You can do this by draping curtains in a shade that matches the area or suits the partitions from a bar that is attached to the top post of the bed.

Playhouse and cat bed

Cats enjoy to curl up somewhere soft, and they like a high structure where they can climb for exploration. An outdated bunk bed that has a mattress makes this an elegant cat climbing pillar. Include some dangling cat playthings and spritz the bed using catnip spray to lure your frisky feline or a cute cat. Wrap the mattress using protective covers for easy washing.

Hangout and play center

Children hanging around the bed

Although the kids are not using that bunk bed for slumbering, they may utilize it to have fun in different ways. Encircled by lush pads, teen or preteen relishes hanging out or reading on a loft area. The lower section encircled by curtains turns out to be a canopy, play area or playhouse for little children.

Daybed grand

Wondering what a daybed is? This a cover around 3 sided headboard. Convert the bunk berth into a daybed just by putting one of the extended free sides against the partition. Use the lower mattress and platform as the daybed. Cover it using attractive oversized pads to make a surrounded tent by suspending opaque drapes from the ceiling right overhead. Make use of the top loft for keeping the daybed for visitors.

Mini room

Minus the lower bed or platform in place, transform the remaining open area into a comfortable home office. Brace the partitions to ensure they are steady, and build a custom box or mark the area and search for a pre-built box to match. Add some lighting, a chair, and art. Install boards on the sides using paneling, hardened log braces or drywall to provide them with privacy and control noise. Make use of the top platform for keeping file manuals, office supplies, and manuals.

Think more

Separate the bunk beds and connect them from side to side by use of a metal bracket. Sand and cut down the frame to alter it.